I write code professionally as part of my role as CTO and architect of early startups.

Python is my language of choice and I publish code on github, such as:

  • pymacaron: a Python microservice framework, based on Flask, swagger, docker and AWS Beanstalk or GKE. More about it here.

I used to code Perl, and have some modules on CPAN, such as:

I have some (really) old stuff on sourceforge.

And some even older stuff here:

  • Profil is an http proxy writen in java. It filtered http traffic in real-time, anonymized it and blocked unwanted content. Old junk really.
  • An implementation of RSA in java. Encrypt and decrypt files (very slowly). Contains an implementation of some mathematic operations on large (prime) numbers.

And for IT-archeologists, I even have assembly code of self-replicating programs that I wrote on my HP48 way way back when I was 15. One could even auto-encrypt itself :-)